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Are you entrepreneurial and have you always wanted to work for yourself but never dared to take the step?
Let me explain how you can set up a business with Health & Beauty products.
With this you can build a fantastic income and you don't have to work for a boss. Determine your own agenda. Work when it suits you.

Financially independent means that you determine your own destiny - it makes almost anything you want in life possible. If your job or career doesn't get you where you want to go, Forever Living Products offers you a great opportunity to change course.
What is more important than making more money?
Time. More specific: time to do the things that you enjoy most with family and friends.
And I want you to do that too.
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My story

A full-time job, three children, a nice house, two cars on the doorstep. And yet the question constantly came to my mind: "is this what I'm going to do for years?"
So busy. Children to daycare, I work at a financial institution, my husband has his own company. Hours and hours of work. Running to get it all fixt. Guilt that I could not always be there for the children. Even though I told myself we were still more at home than other hardworking parents.
A few hours a week could give me the change I wanted so badly. Same "quality of life" with fewer hours of work. I did not believe it was possible but still started working with Forever. In the hours that suited me.

How glad I am that I made that decision years ago.
- Children have never been to after-school care.
- Can attend all their activities if I want to.
- We have improved financially.
- More time for myself
October 2014 fate struck our family. Levent, my husband, best friend, dad of our 3 beautiful children died.
And then you have to look for possibilities, solutions. Being a dad/mum in one person. Be present, make money and let everything run as it was. My main goal at that time was to keep things going as well as possible for the kids.

Forever Living gives me the opportunity to do this. With the great team that we now have, we all work on our own dreams. We strengthen each other, learn from eachother and support eachother. So I don't have to do it alone. Everyone does a little bit and makes them realize their own dreams. And the marketing plan is designed in such a way that everyone gets the most honest income there is.
It gives me the opportunity to show others the possibilities. To be the father and mother for my own children. They live in a beautiful house and they can continue to do their activities as they did before October 2014.
July 2017 I was able to quit my job and this gives me even more space to work on my and your business. And a little more time just for myself. Because balance is the most important thing to continue. #workingonbalance And that is what I do.
I can't tell you how grateful I am that I gave myself the opportunity for a more relaxed life years ago. Not knowing that in the end it is my salvation for a life in balance, despite our challenging situation.
Do you also want to give yourself the chance of a life that is better balanced? And that means that at some point you can choose? And are you willing to invest time and energy in this?
Then I would like to make an appointment with you for a good conversation. To see what your options are. Please contact me for this and we will make an appointment without obligation.

Change your life

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